7 Days to Die now Live

It has been a while but the 7 days to die server is live again!

It is running a procedurally generated map and has had the basic modifiers changed to allow for shorted nights and no running zombies!

Also it is a PVE only server.

Head to the 7 Days to Die page for the server details for connection.

Rust Update – 01 December 2017

Hey guys, the latest update has been applied to the server and is ready to go!

There should be a scheduled wipe next week on the 8th bringing some new monuments to the map.

In the meantime I am leaving the Zombies from Halloween on as no-one has complained and since it is December that means Christmas has arrived!  Listen out for those Sleigh-bells every in-game night and go and find your prezzies!

Read the official devblog here for the changes or watch the Shadowfrax video below:

Rust Update – 11-12 November 2017

Hey guys, some of you would have been having issues connecting to the server from Saturday evening and throughout Sunday…

Unfortunately Facepunch found that the latest update broke servers under certain conditions and rolled back the update… I was not aware of this until this morning (Monday 13th).

The new update (downdate?) has been applied and we should be good to go.  If this happens again please shoot me a line via the contact page and I will update asap.

Rust Update – 27 October 2017

Hey guys! The latest update is now live on the server.

In this update, the new garage door is in so if you were lucky enough to find (or liberate) the car on the map you can now build a place to store it!

Also there are some SpOoOoOkY additions for halloween with the nodes having new skins until the next wipe.  Also… NPC ZOMBIES!

Check out the full devblog here or watch the excellent video from Shadowfrax below:

Rust Update – 06 October 2017

Hey Guys!

The latest update for Rust is now live on the server.  This was a forced wipe update so enjoy the new map.

Keep an eye out on the server for the drivable car! I will be spawning in one or two at some point and may even make it a bit of a challenge to get to it… (We’ll see)

The official devblog is here, or watch the excellent update video from Shadowfrax below.

Rust Update – 29 September 2017

Hey guys, the latest update went live yesterday.

Some exciting things to come with next weeks wipe, including the return of blueprints and changes to the progression system!

Also, I think I will be spawning one of the new cars and leaving it somewhere on the map for anyone to use as a little extra bit of fun.

There will only be one spawned and once it is destroyed or lost that’s it.

You can check out the official devblog here or the usual, excellent video by Shadowfrax below: