Welcome to my site!

Here you will find information about the various game servers we are hosting, including our:

Arma 3 Exile, Rust Dedicated Server, 7 Days to Die Server, and Conan Exiles, all being hosted right here in West Auckland.

We have a Discord channel set up at: https://discord.gg/EAktrh3, go check it out too!

The eventual goal is to create a bit of a community and if you have any requests for other dedicated servers leave a message.

We can try and set up and server that does not require a steam purchase to install and run.  If there are any specific game requests, contact me and we can see what can be arranged.

If you enjoy playing on any of these servers, please consider donating to help cover some of the running costs involved in keeping them going. Click through to our Donate page, visit our Rust Item Store, or look at picking up a spare game key!

If you have and requests, comments or suggestions, leave a message on our contact page.